GDP, the shift of macroeconomic growth, the rapid rise of the electricity supplier, the national economy is entering a new normal, the retail industry is not in addition, substantial transformation and upgrading of the "2015 Chinese top 100 chain as one falls, another rises," shows that in 2015, net profit decline of 55% Enterprises, new stores, closed stores fell 16% year-on-year increase of 39% the shop closed shop, rational, active industry to become the common voice of O2O, and experiential shopping more as a weapon before the transformation of self-help, Suning, and other home appliances store funtalk communications initiative to adjust, after Wanda, rainbow, step by step to speed up the construction of super commercial complex. That is how they do, and what problems will be faced, but also give us what inspiration?


Suning left, Le language right

when facing the electricity supplier and the shopping center brand impact, homogeneous competition severe pressure in the entire retail industry entities, Su essence language in road transformation self-help can be regarded as the biggest step.

Su Ningyun business: 6 years of transformation, the construction of O2O industry ecosystem

2009, Suning ushered in a hitherto unknown challenge, although already experienced air-conditioning franchise, comprehensive appliance chain two stages, but Suning still choose Internet channel in the physical channel reengineering, and comprehensively promote the integration model of O2O. From the beginning of 2010 launched, resorted to to do the "WAL-MART + Amazon banner, Suning store became a set display, experience, logistics, customer service, marketing services as one of the Internet stores, cloud stores; 2013 Suning announced a comprehensive restructuring, renamed" Su ningyun ", open online and offline start with the price, open platform, set up eight division, the acquisition of PPTV, the establishment of" stores + + retail service provider "of the" two wings "strategy. To the 2014 expansion of department store category, the acquisition of full network, on-line financial products coins treasure, upgrade stores, and then to December 2015 Suning breath lists five areas for future development: venture investment, culture and entertainment, electronic games, sports and public welfare; and finally to the now formed 3 industrial clusters: Finance, logistics and the retail system, Suning use 6 years to complete a simple online or offline retailers transformation, and construct a new industrial ecology O2O.

data show that the first half of 2016, Su ningyun online commodity trading platform entity the total size of an increase of 80.31%, the socialization of logistics financial business revenue grew 153.98%, the overall transaction volume grew 130%. Suning retail, logistics, finance, the three carriages have begun to take shape.

here we focus on the discussion of its retail signal to us, in October 18th, held in Nanjing "through the double Eleven: City · Hui · conference, announced the eleven double play" going back to ancient times, to the traditional commercial civilization, through.