the afternoon of January 10th, a news release from the media account, will be a main rookie tray also said bes operation difficult.

BES Express immediately through the official micro-blog denied the news, also said it would retain the legal liability related to rumormongers, BES also told reporters that "this is false news, not letter."

Rookie network

also told the "world network", the content is not true, is completely false news.

is in the center of the rumor bes, at the end of 2016 because of the coaching event and concern, from January 1, 2017 onwards, the original general manager Zhou Jian BES Express was transferred to the general manager of the bes group strategy and international business department, general manager of BES Express Zhejiang branch Zhou Shaohua General Manager for BES express.

2016 double 11 period, the bes Group Chairman Zhou Shaoning has said, "after two years" to express the bes listed. Prior to this, the bes announced $760 million financing, the country’s top financial institutions of China Everbright Holdings and CITIC Industrial Fund led by rookie network, Alibaba with investment.

at present, tact, in the pass and sto have been successfully listed, SF, rhyme from the A stock market only the goal. After the express companies have been listed, the industry competition pressure suddenly increased. At the beginning of this year, has been announced to the market price of 4 billion 250 million yuan on the Daily Express "with" suning.

is in the best listing plan, this came to be set the news, may cause adverse effects on the.

express predecessor "bes Huitong express" was founded in Shanghai in 2003. In November 2010, Hangzhou bes network technology limited company successfully acquired "Huitong express", later renamed "bes Huitong", become the bes network’s Express brand, later renamed the BES Express two degrees.

was formed in 2015 bes bes international, founded in the United States and Losangeles, a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, fully open overseas layout. BES bes Group Chairman Zhou Shaoning said, expect the next 5 years, 20%-30%’s revenue comes from overseas markets, so the next generation will further increase the investment of resources in the international market.