from the beginning of birth and is not optimistic, but with the Tencent and sina on micro-blog’s support, finally found that micro-blog has quietly changed the life of the Internet, many people are now used on the Internet micro-blog to do on the Internet will form their own point of view, if micro-blog is already our mouthpiece, can easily make our voice be heard publicly, so micro-blog users also called


with continuous hot, then micro-blog will become a professional marketing person very good promotion platform, many people also get good generalization performance, but also summed up a lot of micro-blog promotion skills, but after all, micro-blog is still in a stage of development, so many places need to be improved. Sometimes, micro-blog has become the place of the Navy shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, wanton hair with all sorts of lies, so he was born to delete negative news professional PR company, visible micro-blog if the use is not good, it will become visible damage your weapon, build a good micro-blog marketing environment, build the enterprise network brand has become very important! How can improve? We must first understand the marketing of enterprises to help micro-blog


1: to be able to publish information on micro-blog to display corporate brand image and promotional product selling points, but also to demonstrate the spirit of enterprise employees, in addition to other rich display!

two: to establish emotional ties with the target group, able to hear the voice of consumers, the formation of a good proposal group!

three: to provide micro-blog’s customer service, such as providing cutting-edge information, services and related products, and users can communicate in a timely manner, give full play to the interaction of micro-blog!

four: quickly deal with the crisis, as well as early warning and monitoring, timely adjustment of consumer dissatisfaction for the enterprise or product, establish a good market feedback mechanism!

visible micro-blog basically covers a business advocacy and service, which is the premise of brand building, marketing function of visible micro-blog is very powerful, but in order to achieve this effect, to do a clear position to micro-blog, micro-blog to make their own role! So how to locate enterprise official blog


: the role of enterprise official micro-blog first to disseminate business information, to care for our business audience the correct information, the official micro-blog must not be all around the current hot issues to express their views, such as the milk poisoning incident, Su Zizi event and so on, is a lot of attention to the company’s own information


two: play interactive characteristic of micro-blog, you know to use their own enterprises related products to create their own circle of fans, it will care about your product audience together, so that they form a good interaction between, of course, the interaction between the enterprise micro-blog and the audience is essential! Even through some of the activities of the micro-blog organization, so that people can become loyal users of your product

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