technology news Beijing time on March 15th evening news, President Zhang Jianfeng this afternoon issued an email to all employees, emphasizing the "fake investment without limit, and fighting counterfeiting infringement will be a battle to fight at outrance," let the counterfeiting infringement have nowhere to live, let unscrupulous businessmen go bankrupt".

in the morning, Premier Li Keqiang said at the press meeting, I would like to advertise online shopping, courier and drive the e-commerce and other new formats, because it greatly boosted employment and stimulate consumption. Prime Minister also stressed that whether it is online or offline entities, should pay attention to integrity, quality assurance, safeguard the interests of consumers.

Zhang Jianfeng in the message said: "this is our pride, but at the same time, also carries great responsibility to purify the online shopping market, it is not open around will never escape the responsibilities.

Zhang Jianfeng in a message to consumers, and consciously to combat counterfeiting infringement of intellectual property rights and the maintenance of brands and network operators, law enforcement agencies, community volunteers and partners and technology experts say thanks. But he also admitted, and counterfeiting infringement struggle is "a fight at outrance battle", any bad business, is passion for consumption and consumers, including Ali’s own injury. To find no shelter, let counterfeit non-performing businesses go bankrupt, is the only result of this battle to victory.

Zhang Jianfeng stressed that March 15th should be all staff "Thanksgiving Day", do not complain about the allegations, but should be delighted to hear criticism, self correction. Taobao will launch a new service for the quality of the dispute over the new service initiatives, continue to expand the speed refund crowd coverage, to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

the following is the full text of the message:


today is 3· 15. Premier Li Keqiang said in a meeting with Chinese and foreign journalists: willing to online shopping advertising, Internet identity creates social vitality "more greatly promote employment and stimulate consumption, the economy will Chinese and fly by the Internet". Prime Minister also stressed that online shopping will not impact the store, but whether it is online or offline store, we must pay attention to integrity, quality assurance, safeguard the interests of consumers".

this is our pride. At the same time, the management of 1 billion orders of magnitude of online goods Taobao, will bear the major responsibility for the purification of online shopping commodity market, which is not open around us will never evade responsibility.

at the moment, the transaction volume of Alibaba platform accounted for more than 8% of the country’s total retail sales of social consumer goods, tens of millions of packages a day, hundreds of millions of consumers. In this year, the platform of the seven days no reason "orders coverage up to 90%, the annual advance speed refunds totaling more than 6 billion yuan, involving consumer initiated infringement of fake refund rate is 0.026%. In whole >