because he can not see the future, decided to leave the company for five years. After his resignation, a movie station, this was years ago, at that time all the energy to do station, busy awfully, choose the system, collect data, find a template, do optimization, busy for quite a while and finally fix the website.

because of the end of the year, not how the website finished, did not hang advertising, not what is the right key to advertising, then apply several coalitions, the results we respond better to the new advertising alliance are very demanding, the reaction is not good and dare not to do, thanks to the Google account early that does not need to re apply for temporary, hang a few Google advertising.

back in the new year, every day to see the Admin5, then according to the method reported in the article to operate, full publicity, to attract traffic, every day began to flow from the eyes, has been busy live at 1, 2, tired, really tired. But every day staring at the traffic statistics, to see his beloved site traffic increased from tens to hundreds of IP IP, and from the hundreds of IP growth to more than 3 thousand IP, the heart not to mention more beautiful, after all, this is their best ever do the station.

traffic, and only rely on Google per day of poor income, how to do? Adsense can not do without the advertising alliance, ah, choose a good point to do the union. And I went to the A5, behind the column to choose Wangzhuan alliance, and then go to Baidu search, see the league’s reputation, found a problem, the search results display the webmaster is different for each league, if found 100 pieces of information, basically is good or bad half, think it is normal, do alliance with a man almost well, can not let all the people say hello, do alliance is also heavy hard to tune, want to let all the webmaster said a good advertising alliance, should be impossible. A lot of online post is open at some Union, I think this is perhaps the competition, perhaps by K account people deliberately slander, perhaps being the union really bad, as an outsider, I feel real to the enemy. Asked many people, choose to choose to can not find a suitable Union, friends say that when an alliance started doing all kind of attention to credibility, but after a bigger bit diandaqike.

choose a good reputation, click rate and high union hard, I have registered the Baidu alliance, nine wins, et ninth, advertising alliance, the first video alliance, eFriendsNet, alimama, Yiqifa, thunderbolt alliance, hee oh…… There are a few who can’t remember the name. These alliances or do not accept new sites, or advertising click rate is too low, hung up for a while to give up. Then from a movie station when I saw a movie collection of advertising, very attractive, follow the code to find the past, the original is double alliance advertising, registered a try so much, anyway, not this one. Hang a few days, I feel good, the click rate is quite high, from No. 2.3 hung, receiving 2 times (paid 30 yuan), can apply for the "today