NetEase Francisco May 26th message, "" East "is rolling in the Yangtze River water, genuine low price to the United States!" in the United States online office is located in the District Eagle building, a particularly eye-catching red banners. Gome online chairman Mou Guixian said, Gome online will be in May 28th 0 points ahead on battle 618, the peak low lying "theme to promote, through the" 3 billion 200 million cash coupons, price, 000, a sweep light, old Mu special five standard Jingdong "close combat".

Mou Guixian believes that compared to Jingdong, Gome online in addition to price, it also has a "smart shopping", "Gome Shenma", "United States", "0 yuan", "38% off Cup" and "Master delivery group" and "secret weapon". In order to challenge the United States is still online Jingdong, Jingdong headquarters opposite Pangu "leading" published "against the Jingdong, you will lose 300" of the declaration, with the Hollywood blockbuster "doomsday" advertisement cooperation and collapse "Jurassic world", and to force Internet financial products, such as beauty, beauty and surplus treasure drafts, Campbell and other investment.

earlier, in May 21st, Gome announced the first quarter earnings, according to Gome online 2015 Q1 trading volume grew by 107%, the mobile terminal to access an increase of 400%, is expected to Q2 transactions will increase to 150%. Meanwhile, the United States has set up more than 26000 mobile micro shop, the number of fans increased to about 2000000.

Mou Guixian believes that the United States online is expected in the 618 year record, become the number one rival Jingdong, and have the opportunity to sprint in the second half of the top three industries (Allen).