entered the business "middle age" of Wang Dongzheng thought.


"everything turns dull, wonderful story begins." Looking for steel founder and CEO Wang Dong described his current entrepreneurial mentality.

last year, he was the leader of the B2B electricity supplier, inspired entrepreneurs in all walks of life: looking for plastic nets, looking for gas network, looking for timber network…… B2B electricity supplier spring.

now, looking for steel is not three years ago looking for steel: it almost completed its historic mission, is preparing for the gem or strategic emerging board market, has become a listed company.

its business is basically mature, peer competition pressure gradually approaching zero. Over the past three years (2012-2015 August), looking for steel turnover has exceeded $90 billion. Expected in October this year, looking for steel electricity supplier business to achieve a comprehensive profit.

find steel began to build ecological. Wang Dongxin opened up the investment business, to set up a fund "panmao factory", designed for B2B electricity supplier. He wants to share his supply chain, technology and finance to more entrepreneurs.

over the past year, he has thrown two items: one is the electricity supplier of agricultural products than vegetables, one is oil for oil electricity supplier network. Two projects are very strong momentum.

was founded in October last year than vegetables. Compared with the existing projects, it is a pure platform model: vegetable wholesalers and restaurants to trade, but not the traditional supply chain. After 11 months of operation, has accumulated 200-300 home suppliers, restaurant customers about 4000, daily water of $about 1000000. A few days ago, the founder of Hou Xiaoqin (hereinafter referred to as the "baby") announced the completion of $7 million 200 thousand A round of financing.

looking for oil network is also in front of the industry. It was on June 30th this year on the line, do the first business, the model is more serious: after the buyer submits the order, all the links in the middle (to mention oil alone, looking for tanker) are no longer required. July, looking for oil net trading volume of more than 20 thousand tons, in August, more than 19 thousand tons. "We are preparing A round of financing, the amount of about $5 million." Founder Lv Jian said.

in June this year, the stock market crash prevails, the financing environment becomes worse, B2B electricity supplier in the spring has gone. Now looking for steel is more like a behind the scenes push, once he used tens of billions of trading figures lit up their own. But in the future, the fire will continue to burn more industry, oil, agricultural products…


steel, the price of vegetables, than for oil network has confirmed that the data is true and correct, the pencil will be endorsed for the authenticity of the contents together with him.

B2B winner


day, after lunch. Conference room, Wang Dong sitting in front of a group of investment chiefs.

they are Xianfeng Huaxing Chen Keyi, Sequoia Capital, Sun Qian Renaissance package where IDG, Zhang Haitao, Shao Yibo, Chinese Jingwei bull capital.