Beijing residents "Internet plus service" application? The Municipal Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Office in Beijing in June this year to do a survey showed that in the Internet to spend money every year by the survey of 37.7%, accounting for personal average annual expenditures 20%-40%, 20.5% of respondents the 40% year spending for the consumption on the network.


online shopping goods services increased by 6 into

Municipal Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Beijing yesterday announced the "Internet plus service" Application of the survey results show that members of the public to provide acceptable living services up to 70%-90% on the Internet; to use the Internet service, surveyed the satisfaction rate of 74.9%.

survey shows that in the first half, the city’s per capita spending on goods or services purchased through the Internet 378 yuan, an increase of 59.5%. The city’s per capita purchase of mobile phone spending grew by 35.4%, per capita Internet spending grew by 42%.

survey showed that 37.7% of respondents per year online spending accounted for the proportion of personal spending per year was 20%-40%, the average annual consumption of more than 20.5% of respondents reached more than 40%.

online financial payment favored


survey shows that the traditional service industry layout of the mobile terminal, the development of various kinds of applications and services, penetrated into all fields of basic necessities of life, redefining people’s lifestyles and habits. From the financial perspective, preference for online banking payment survey was 66.7%, two times in 2013; from the way of shopping, more than 6 of respondents prefer online shopping, is two times in 2013; from the way of reading, 84.8% of respondents used the network reading, increased more than 14.3% 2013.

at the same time, improve the convenience of life and public service efficiency. All Internet services, the respondents believe that the greatest impact on daily life, the most improved in the top three are: online shopping (59.4%), Internet Banking () and internet life services (32.5%). The Internet reduces the cost of information transmission and the degree of information asymmetry. For example, the use of real-time traffic conditions can choose the best route to avoid congestion, mobile medical network registration, payment, query and other self-service functions.

life service most anticipated

"Internet plus" are involved in the economy and the service life of most areas. In the survey, shopping, entertainment, education, transportation, financial services in 5 areas of life using the Internet or mobile phone (tablet computer) APP submission service demand of the respondents reached more than 90%; the proportion in tourism, health care, government services 3 areas have reached more than 70%.