eighth China Internet Media Forum held in Chongqing, 5. Held here, China network media business road sub forum, Peking University, vice president of the school of Journalism and communication, advertising director Chen Gang said that next year the country will be widely used in the domain name of the site.

Chen Gang, for example, Peking University domain name can be "Peking University, china". In other words, users simply enter the Chinese character "Peking University" in the web address bar, plus the suffix "China", you can enter the home page of Peking University.

at the same time, Chen Gang believes that the extensive use of Chinese domain names will enable Chinese enterprises to pay more attention to Internet information dissemination and Internet marketing. After the extensive use of Chinese domain names, if consumers want to buy a product, it will be easy to think of the name of the company’s name directly into the enterprise website to understand product information.

it is understood that the Chinese domain name refers to a new generation of Internet domain names containing Chinese, like English domain, is the number of the internet. Chinese domain name belongs to the basic services on the Internet, after registration can provide WWW, EMAIL, FTP and other application services.

experts believe that the use of Chinese domain names, in line with people’s habits, while easy to remember, will enable people to use the network more convenient. The industry with a view of the Internet must be finished, get rid of the language barrier, in order to maximize the value of the Internet Chinese. The domain name is the foundation of the Internet services. Therefore, the Chinese domain name on China’s e-commerce, Internet penetration and other aspects will play an important role.