Abstract: Asia has 60% of the world’s population, so here to produce and develop some of the world’s largest electricity supplier companies are not surprising. Amazon, eBay European and American electricity supplier giants have been trying to seize the market, but the local brands still account for the bulk of asia.

1, Taobao (China)


business model: C2C electronic business platform

founded: 2003

founder: Ma

operating region: China

assets: unknown

Taobao monthly access capacity of 600 million, is the world’s largest provider of electricity supplier website. Taobao and Amazon, eBay is similar, most of the seller is a platform for individuals or small businesses, so belong to the C2C platform. Sometimes consumers can bargain with sellers. In view of the strong purchasing power of Chinese consumers, Taobao can be described as handheld ace.

2, Flipkart (India)


business model: electronic business platform

founded: 2007

founder: Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal

operating area: India

assets: $3 billion 150 million

Flipkart and Amazon, like the beginning of the online bookstore. Now Flipkart is the largest electricity supplier platform in India. And not only in Asia, it is also one of the world’s ten largest electricity supplier giants. Flipkart provides consumers with cash on delivery, but also to create their own logistics system, significantly improve the efficiency of the existing logistics network in India. Over the past few years, the competition between Flipkart and Amazon India station is very fierce. With a focus on consumer strategy, Flipkart has achieved an advantage over amazon.

3, Alibaba International (China)


business model: B2B electronic business platform

founded: 1999

founder: Ma

operating region: Global

assets: unknown

The idea of creating a platform for

is simple – to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas companies. China’s low manufacturing costs and the high price of the west to the rapid development of Alibaba international station. 2012, Alibaba international station and Taobao’s sales of $155 billion 800 million. At present, Alibaba international station covers nearly 250 countries and regions.

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