conversion rate for the electronic business platform, many webmasters may think that as long as consumers stay longer on our site will make the conversion rate increased. So is this the case? I don’t think so. We need to introduce a critical point in time, when users stay too much time in our product page it is possible that your site, your site allows consumers to produce consumer beware, let consumers hesitate to buy, when consumers are hesitant to buy, the conversion rate will naturally affected.

for an electronic business platform, we need to put this kind of hesitation to dispel the consumer, so that consumers buy more quickly, so as to get a higher conversion rate. So how to achieve this purpose? I think the best way is through a series of consumer to consumer beware that rout. The following author to share one of the three common means of electronic business platform.

1: implies a shortage of goods

first of all, we give an example, living in the southeast coast of the friends of the typhoon is certainly familiar with, every time before the advent of the typhoon we can see in the supermarket sales of leafy vegetables is always the biggest. Why is it that every time there is a shortage of vegetables after the typhoon, many consumers know that there will be a shortage of pre – purchase and storage. This is the direct impact of the commodity shortage on consumers.

for commodities, consumers are afraid to lose the mentality of these goods than to have more strong. For example, at the same time a brand hat, if it is a limited edition version of the brand cap, consumers have a desire for it will certainly be higher than a similar number of brand hat. In this regard, we can also apply this hint to our electronic business platform, as shown below, this is a very strong commodity shortage implied.




is a tactical retreat in order to advance our common to the. It refers to the concessions as means of enterprising attitude. The most common to several negotiations, the parties at the beginning of the general negotiations will put an attitude not to yield a step through compromise, and finally get everyone endorsed the results. This is a kind of retreat into the tactics. And through this tactic allows you to get more bargaining chips. This strategy we can often see in the electronic business platform. For example, we often see a commodity mark the market price. But in fact, when consumers in consultation, many vendors will make concessions to this price, to the consumer a friendship price, ex factory price, jumping prices, etc.. Consumers to buy cheap price so high that the natural goods made cheap, but in fact they buy only real sales price only, businesses just make a concession or no concessions to consumers.

in the use of electricity is the most common.