recently, in the top of the top row of Baidu, Ku6 limelight is very strong, more than Youku ranked first in the video site. Be seen from one side of the recent Ku6 attention is very high, which become the mining shell listed I was the first video website listed companies really Ku6 scenery, the scenery behind Ku6 is Hurray helpless. SP borrowed the wind, creating a China Internet enterprise push bar the United States listed first, China Mobile rely on this tree, Hurray is really unlimited scenery, but had moved from, since the beginning of 2005, China Mobile began to rectify the MII and SP line, including fees channel specification, after deduction fee standard, SP retired, the entire industry to enter the long winter, profitability declined, as the air network also forced transformation into the game industry, Hurray eventually the shell to Ku6 network, ended their life. It can be said that China’s SP industry is only a short period of 10 hours from the scenery to the tune, the 10 time, you can save the entire Chinese Internet has been completely disappeared SP industry.

why mention the friends of the century it is with the help of our friends to introduce another protagonist Ctrip network. Because, in Ctrip’s body does have too much to do with the friends of the local. Including the United States are listed companies, are to provide consideration for the proposed service based, are backed by China Mobile and China’s civil aviation industry, Chinese agents. Although their industry is not the same, but they can be seen from the body to identify some of the same temperament, so I put the Chinese friends and Ctrip for a comparison. If the shell is to give Chen Tianqiao Ku6 is part of the capital operation of the capital, then, to carry out the operation of the space may be smaller. Because, for a grand Hurray, behind this big platform, into the attack, retreat to defend, the price of the stock, the company’s profitability by merging way can make the performance report very pretty, but this is still not cover power development problems hurray. For Ctrip, the performance depends on their own to fight, in the past into the room, Ctrip regardless of market share, the company’s profitability is still quite good. However, recent youdianfan, because Ctrip business model has been a great challenge, but the challenge itself is not compatible with its business model, that is to say, if the Challenger once successful, Ctrip may also go Hurray way. The first place to carry out the similarity of the Hua Hua summed up, we can clearly see the shortcomings of Ctrip business model where.

1 similarities: Ctrip and Chinese friends are listed companies, the value of the company must be based on the value of the stock based, so there must be a long-term stable performance in order to keep the value of the company.

2: and Chinese friends have similarities to Ctrip is the channel, is vulnerable to policy risk. Friends of the century by the original China Mobile, if China Mobile once the Chinese friends of the SP channel to turn off, it will be a devastating blow for the Chinese friends. Ctrip is the same, Ctrip is now several major airlines