respect the latest news network December 12th meters, spelling domain in recent years has been the first choice for many large websites, there have been ant net,, and many other sites will replace the domain name Quanpin domain name, the transaction price will continue to rise, and the recent price of 25 yuan to the success of change.

buyer is a city of Shenzhen called building home network company, the reason to spend 250 thousand of the acquisition of domain name, is the latest development of its furniture online sales site to build a home network. The person in charge of Li Shuai statue meters interview said: "the home network is the latest development of the B2C website, now in beta stage, after the line will be located in the largest furniture online sales platform Chinese, spent 250 thousand bought a equivalent brand spelling is beneficial to allow the user to remember domain name……"

the Xiamen scholar more familiar with the industry group, owns 258 commercial enterprises through search and other well-known Internet brands, domain name investment business is the main business of one of them. It is understood that the Xiamen scholar investment holding domain name more than ten thousand, similar to the spelling domain are nearly 3000, the annual trading volume of millions of domain name.

professionals have pointed out that the domain name spelling with the wide application of the transaction price will be rising day by day, the needs of enterprises should be prepared in advance.