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2010 Internet Conference is "service – the value of the network; green – the road of network development", advocating responsibility, promote harmony, to create a more integrated and sustainable development of the internet.

Alibaba vice president Liang Chunxiao accepted an interview with news science and technology, and information technology to the General Liang said, every era has some of its infrastructure, our business infrastructure in some commercial activities, it is said that all people, all sorts of social business entities will engage in their business activities in this infrastructure, this thing called commercial infrastructure.

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13 Alibaba vice president Liang Chunxiao

Moderator: you and all good friends! In the internet conference site, we are honored to invite Mr. Liang Chunxiao, vice president of Alibaba, please Mr. Liang Chunxiao to introduce myself.

Liang Chunxiao: Hello, I am Liang Chunxiao of Alibaba, I am very glad to communicate with you!

Moderator: I would like to talk to you about the entire e-commerce Alibaba now plan strategy in the next year, what new changes?

Liang Chunxiao: Alibaba’s strategy is not set. We are in a period of time, we are committed to creating an infrastructure of e-commerce, foster an open, collaborative, the prosperity of e-commerce ecosystem, these years, we are in accordance with the way things go, including you see Taobao and so on, are so in do. So in the next few years, will also follow this path down.

Moderator: Taobao is now the best e-commerce operations in the country, in the next few years, the direction of the development of e-commerce as a whole will be in which direction it?

Liang Chunxiao: the development of electronic commerce, it is a beginning, though we say from the electronic commerce transaction scale, with the past few years has greatly compared growth ten times or even several times the growth, but compared with the future, I think it is still in an initial stage. For example, our network of retail turnover, 09 national network of retail turnover of 2 in 2015 to more than 100 billion, I believe that this figure will reach 2 trillion. The next ten years, there should be 10 times the growth space, B2B is the same, there are a lot of room for growth, so from this perspective, I believe that e-commerce will also have 5-10 years a very rapid growth in the future. For this reason, first of all, the number of Internet users will grow exponentially, we are now about 3-4 billion, over five or six years may be 600 million, 700 million or more, the Internet penetration of e-commerce users is also increasing. The penetration rate is now around 30%, compared with about $70% in the United States