] November 10th news billion state power network, fast fashion vertical electric female beauty told billion state power network, for this year’s double 11, said the beautiful recently opened South Korea direct mail service, products include South Korea and South Korea local clothing brand sales TOP10 beauty skin care brand.

beauty said, Korea South Korea can guarantee the quality of supply, and the site all Korean goods have been carefully selected and beautiful fashion buyers say other collocation.


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billion state power network to understand, for this year 11, beautiful said the new on-line double eleven Special Edition APP version of APP increased in the new shop module collocation channel also for a new revision. At the same time, the United States announced that the United States announced the establishment of 30 million consumer risk margin, thus establishing a risk protection mechanism on the top of the payment.

promotional rhythm, from November 10th 20 to 11, 24 points, eleven double beauty will last 28 hours, during the 50 percent off cap, divided into clothes Pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, shoe bag with beauty Museum, Museum of the five girls in the main venue, the venue features 30.

said the beautiful, as of now, about over 1 million people grab coupons, over 300 thousand items by the user into the shopping cart, over 5 million people every day into the main hall.