sea Amoy market, destined to self mode B2C C2C open platform, sea Amoy market eventually must be operating, marketing situation. Sea Amoy market is bound to be operating in the end, the situation of the sale of a similar subsidy in the field of destructive competition in the sea Amoy will not easily succeed. Policy risk is not a temporary risk


March 9th, street honey announced the acquisition of millions of dollars A IDG round of financing into the sea Amoy market, founded by the original Juhuasuan core team. Although the news about the team is strong in the operation, the use of C2C model, will force the non-standard blue ocean.

but I can’t help but wonder at the moment, street honey just announces A round of financing, will not be too late now? The sea Amoy market, both Ali, Amazon and other giants cut, and Jingdong, No. 1 shop business retail enterprises and snatch, ocean terminal, honey bud baby, honey, honey Amoy street the new enterprise running. Data show that: from the beginning of 2012, China has more than 2000 companies registered cross-border electricity supplier business…… The market is hot here no longer too much of, where is such a hot market new opportunities? Startups if there are the survival space? This article is mainly on the sea Amoy market environment to make a comb, to analyze the sea scouring the market from the following 5 dimensions.

, a sea Amoy market, destined to open self mode B2C platform C2C

At present, there are two kinds of business models in the sea Amoy Market: proprietary and open

. According to the domestic and international business development, self quality control efforts is relatively strong, but the disadvantages are obvious, in addition to the direct supply of products across the middle part and, brand manufacturers direct cooperation, also need to self built warehousing and logistics, this model is more reliable like Jingdong do domestic electricity supplier, but it is difficult to copy to the international even Amazon, Tmall international, such rich giant is also do very hard, it is not self built logistics international positions and Jingdong in the country compared to self logistics, not in one dimension, for the emerging enterprises, such barriers to competition set up is really too heavy.

and open platform model is much better, do not need to contact the brand manufacturers, direct supply, as well as the middle of the heavy supply chain. Such as "street honey" is C2C buyers’mode, in that business logic, scattered all over the world buyers will be gathered to find a source to the light, but does not make the platform is limited in the user scale, product categories and so on, and the sea Amoy market has no breakthrough non the subject category of goods of the blue ocean market, self if the cost is too high, but by buyers’mode almost no too much difficulty, similar to the "Ding Ding", "Amoy world" of these enterprises, although has not reached the platform level, but in the C2C mode in the competition is so fierce in the environment to survive the.

is the same as the C2C model of the ocean terminal, in fact, C is the end of the overseas small zero