[TechWeb] reported on November 11th news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong today in Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival said that this year Tmall will apply double 11 8 Guinness world records, including nuts, milk, and other categories of mobile phone sales record.

Zhang Yong pointed out that compared to the past, this year there are many innovative places 11. First, this year to participate in the dual 11 carrier mainly from the PC to the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal in the total transaction volume has been accounted for more than 65%, the entire double is a big stage of wireless e-commerce.

two is a combination of entertainment and consumption, in the double 11 party, many stars have their own shops or endorsement of the brand, such as Tmall, the first appearance of Jolin at the party, her appearance makes its endorsement of the Shanghai Jahwa the shop visits over 7, 8 times.

three is Tmall big data, big data transaction data on the platform every day tens of millions of pen based on double 11 this year most of the products are based on the data to recommend, even can be recommended according to different people personalized, let each user into business customers.

Zhang Yong also pointed out that this year is the first year of globalization of Tmall, 5000 brands from all over the world to participate in the double 11, currently more than 30 million of consumers today to buy overseas goods. Ali provides real-time data show that 1 minutes and 45 seconds of cross-border trade turnover of Tmall last year, double the entire day of 11, innovation record.

In addition,

is also the first time this year to participate in the village of double 11, there are 8000 villages opened the village Amoy, Zhang Yong said, the next few years will be opened in the administrative village".