Oh, Hello, you often come to see some articles, I was in a small network of Internet cafes to work, learn some boring things on the site, in fact, until now still new, today is the first time you published an article, besides, I rarely make a fuss in XX on the station, because my literary talent is not good.

      the main purpose here is to sell my domain name: http://s.www.94xia.com

      94xia.com (down) this domain name can do any kind of software, movies, TXT e-books, any format video, games, BT…… Download station.

      in fact, this time is in the domain name registration, I see him immediately to the domain name, every day waiting for registration, at present in my hand, quack. Want friends can contact me QQ or go to my Taobao store to see.

      in this statement, I am not in my domain name chaozuo. Just to sell, do not want to see in the article below so many curse words, huh, huh, understand?

      thank you…… The station is now, I love you generation after generation network   Oh, is not easy to remember?