with the development of e-commerce, the traditional enterprise is also difficult to ignore the existence of network sales channels. At first, in order to combat cyber fakes and sideways into the electronic commerce of the "Lining", in order to test the water C2C (shop direct), B2C (official mall) for three years, Lining in charge of e-commerce business of the female head of Lin Li, can be said to witness the Lining sales network from scratch, from small to large. Is also the traditional enterprise into e-commerce from scratch, from small to large, the best success stories.


industry friends came the hearsay Electronic Commerce said Lining, head of Ms. Lin Li, had already left for a week, Lin Li next station is a mystery, causing the industry from speculation, the author suggested that Lin Li, engaged in traditional enterprises to enter the outsourcing services of electronic commerce, because the current domestic traditional it has been two years brand enterprises have begun to wade in electronic commerce, and the next three to five years, will be the traditional enterprises to enter the e-commerce boom, e-commerce outsourcing market is very large, and the current domestic e-commerce outsourcing company missing is the lack of a real brand led a successful operation of electronic commerce with practical experience, Lin Li is the best candidate, and Lining Lin Li in charge of e-commerce business in the past few years, has also put a lot of business respectively. For some of the e-commerce outsourcing company, which illustrates that Lin Li is the most recognized e-commerce outsourcing of the industry and the mode of.

The leading domestic

e-commerce outsourcing agencies — Shanghai will sell e-commerce companies in the formal invitation to join Miss Lin Li will sell e-commerce development Co. Ltd, our company is the exclusive launch of " 6+1" the overall solution of enterprise e-commerce, the only one won the "Chinese best solution for enterprise e-commerce". The day before, will sell e-commerce company has just won a Hong Kong angel funding, will do the layout of staking, will sell the Shenzhen branch and Xiamen branch is being prepared, want to fight the high-end brand e-commerce outsourcing Chinese largest specialized service brand enterprise service platform, is the need for such a forest Ms. Li’s talents. From the top Home Furnishing design brand, Finland Chinese Iittala (Itala) Home Furnishing brand; famous American brand BUCK classic knives, STREAMLIGHT police flashlight, WILEY-X, KP and XIANGRU goggles; in the high-end brand China network retail business choose outsourcing to Shanghai will sell e-commerce development Co. ltd..

Prior to joining Lining

e-commerce, Lin Li had served the Linktone mobile phone value-added service, also in the service of sina wireless division, grand. Shopping environment matures, the past two years, the total retail sales doubled. Traditional enterprise transformation to do e-commerce, e-commerce in 2011 should be considered an upsurge in history. At this time, Lin Li among e-commerce outsourcing, if Lin Li perfectly logical and reasonable, the next station selection is engaged in e-commerce outsourcing services, then please join the preferred will sell e-commerce outsourcing company, on behalf of my company.