October 26th is the Double Ninth Festival, the reporter learned from taobao.com, Paul commodity sales grew sharply de Chongyang cake, dried fruit, food, gifts and other festivals around the characteristics necessary. In fact, Taobao from 2005 to create a consumer protection plan through the development of a few years, has been embedded in all aspects of online shopping, consumer protection.

prior to September 2nd, Asia’s largest network of retail shopping district taobao.com announced the establishment of 20 million online shopping security funds, and thus the whole network security and taobao.com shopping plans during the year, the whole network security plan, in the Taobao store shopping once consumers encounter any product quality problems and the seller communication is not the case. Taobao.com can use online shopping security fund Xianxingpeifu for consumers.

during the festive season, for Chinese, Chongyang is a day of reunion, Chongyang day family always together climbing, Shangju, eat cake. Before, in addition to the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other major festivals, such as the Double Ninth Festival small in sales does not appear particularly large growth. But with the continuous improvement of living standards, in all kinds of western festivals are gradually being increasingly valued, online shopping festival gift has become the first choice of consumers.