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Google AdSense Application guide

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The principle of
name registration information: the complete Pinyin input Chinese you name, pay attention to the first lose lose under the table name name, prompt careful.

address: the principle of small after the first big. Chinese people like to talk about the big and small, such as * * * * * * road. Foreigners love first small after said, such as
**, * * * * Road area, so you should write small write big in the translation of the. For example:
Province, China
note the road name, company name, the name of the village are not translation as agreed English, as long as the written spelling on the line. Because your check is Chinese mail sent over
important reminder: Post encoding you must write the correct letters, because foreign middle few postal links are on the postal delivery area encoding.

how to verify their written address in the end can not be the correct method of local post office delivery
1. to the post office to buy envelopes and stamps;
2. write your address and the recipient English or pinyin on the envelope; you can also use a variety of
3. >