download site thunder actually started B2C. In a few months ago, the thunder launched a low-key mall service, the site is, can now be a normal visit, mall sales of products are mainly three categories, men’s, women’s clothing and household products. Early thunder CEO Zou Shenglong said promising e-commerce. Thunder mall a few months ago has been low-key on-line, belonging to the test phase, so there has been no publicity. Currently, the home page can not see any link in the thunder, only through search engine search.

according to the thunder website announcement shows that the thunder is currently recruiting partners, hoping to have qualified enterprises to enter the mall. The following is the thunder of the franchisee conditions:

1, enterprise qualification: to apply for businesses need to hold mainland business license, tax registration certificate;

2, brand qualification: to apply for businesses need to hold the Chinese trademark letter of intent (trademark acceptance notice) or formal brand authorization; or have their own registered brand;

3, brand audience and popularity: good brand image;

4: the number of goods, need to have some inventory, more than 80% categories of goods inventory shall be more than 20


addition to the franchisee’s operational requirements are:

1, sourcing organization ability, in the total amount of goods, the number of single product to achieve industry-leading;

2, excellent product quality. "Thunder mall" for all sales of goods must be genuine, not allowed to "fake and cheap goods, spread the goods, defective products";

3, the price is competitive. As far as possible to the preferential price, to thunder users and members to benefit. The lowest price is to ensure a certain profit space under the premise of a limited sales price to attract popular activities in addition to the form of activities;

4, the specification of customer service, including pre-sales consulting, sale of transaction processing, after-sales service, etc.;

5, fast delivery capacity, "thunder mall" on the delivery speed has a very high demand, the need to order, within 24 hours to complete the check orders and delivery;

6, formal, concise site "thunder mall" is the union of dowel pattern, design, to store details show higher, need partners according to their own characteristics and commodity design store merchandise display.

cloud technology is not optimistic about the reasons for the thunder Mall:

1 thunder core download services and mall no direct business relationship. If the thunder can do, then Sohu can do, can do a grand. Do not have a professional platform no prospects.

2 thunder want income, want to cash flow, but the way to do their own mall too heavy". This has exposed the thunder foundation instability, art has been chaotic, start drinking poison.