2010 what is the hottest Internet buy site is a.

millet plus rifles to create the myth of domestic buy

Since the success of the Groupon

in the United States to create a new myth of wealth, with Wang meituan (meituan.com) will be introduced to the China group purchase mode, used to copy and imitate the domestic Internet circle will be a group purchase mode to the extreme, in the short term if bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the emergence of nearly more than and 400 similar group purchase web site.


U.S. mission network screenshot

U.S. mission network

, founder of the domestic group purchase website, may Wang did not expect the current will have so many group purchase websites, so their competition pressure is not small.


aircraft carrier into the battle group purchase industry suddenly

signs of danger appearing everywhere

if the early to organize personal webmaster, a small team of group purchase website belongs to the millet plus rifles militia corps, so recently the Internet giants have entered the group purchase industry, so that the aircraft carrier grade regular troops, such as Tencent (tuan.qq.com), Sina (life.sina.com.cn/tuan), Sohu (tuan.sohu.com) belong to the carrier class army.


QQ buy network screenshot

Tencent make group purchase industry Fengyun processes, due to the Tencent the Internet giant, the body of any part can be regarded as competitors can not ignore its tentacles, almost all over the Internet industry as a whole, and is now entering the group purchase industry, believe that other group purchase website will pressure rise several times because, as entrepreneurs, investors ask the first sentence is: what if the Tencent enter your industry, what would you do? This is a difficult question to answer.

armored vehicles of local armed forces to attack cities and capture territories

according to my understanding, a new network services group purchase has begun to enter the consumer perspective, that is the local news media under the banner of the group purchase website, if you want to give them a definition it should be belong to the armed forces of armored vehicles with tanks where.


group network screenshot

group organization network (tuanzz.com) is such a local media’s buy site. According to the group organization network responsible person, organization network belongs to a sub brand of Hubei Chutian Media Network Technology Co., Ltd., may say not much media Chutian network science and technology limited company to understand, but if you mention the Hubei daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Hubei daily media group, sports network there are a lot of local people understand. The group has now opened two cities, one Wuhan,