Beijing time on August 15th morning news, according to "South China Morning Post" reports, according to informed sources, the long-awaited was forced to postpone the listing plan, mall Jingdong (micro-blog) is trying to more than $1 billion in financing by institutional investors.

Informed sources said

, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan chase and other investment banks in recent months has been quietly looking for potential investors in Jingdong mall. But no deal has yet been reached.

informed sources said that the amount of $300 billion sovereign wealth fund China Investment Co, Jingdong mall is one of the potential investors, the investment bank has been in contact with the company.

, a person familiar with the matter, said Jingdong was initially on the Nasdaq market IPO (initial public offering) plan, said: Jingdong certainly need more money to maintain rapid business expansion in the mainland. As the IPO program can not be released in the short term, the company is currently financing as a B program."


mall was originally a consumer electronic products distributors, 2004 to enter the online retail sector, then expand into the field of books, furniture, clothing, cosmetics, food and beverage and baby products etc.. According to the company’s website, its registered users reached 20 million, suppliers for the family of 1200. The company sells branded goods at a price lower than the traditional retailer, thus becoming a market leader, but has yet to achieve profitability.

Jingdong mall has said it hopes to improve logistics, thereby speeding up the delivery speed in remote areas, including the increase of more storage centers and service outlets, but it costs a lot of money. Some analysts have warned that the expansion plan is too aggressive, may constitute a financial pressure.

if the current financing negotiations successful, it will become the fourth round of Jingdong mall IPO financing, it is likely to be the last round. In early 2011, the company raised $1 billion 500 million in the third round of financing through Tiger Fund, DST and other international investment institutions. DST is one of Facebook’s investors.

in the first and second round of financing in the mall to inject capital Jingdong, including overseas and domestic private Holdings Company, such as Bull Capital and Sequoia capital.

is headquartered in Beijing, Jingdong mall originally planned this year to raise about $5 billion through IPO. But the company has postponed the plan until next year, mainly because the market is weak.

Informed sources said the

, CIC recently received an offer of shares of Jingdong mall, but it is cautious. Jingdong mall has yet to comment. CIC earlier this year agreed to invest in Jingdong mall rival – Alibaba group.

according to the latest news, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong Sina Technology, said the report does not match the facts, is false news". (Yu