March 8th women’s Day is coming, first of all wish the female webmaster happy holidays, of course, the world’s female friends, we are also happy!

holiday, the Alibaba sent a gift, choose to launch wholesale market in women’s festival, coincidentally Hongkong listed Alibaba group code is still hk.1688, previously is playing loud slogans, shopping on Taobao, wholesale to 1688…

…During the positive

NPC and CPPCC, many from the members and the relevant state ministries and commissions of the news words, "getting the electronic commerce the word" also expressed the bright prospects for the future trend of electronic commerce China, this is also the controllability of e-commerce represent the general trend, and the range is far smaller than the geographical restrictions of Carrefour and WAL-MART super tycoon tank type shops, while the cost of the prevention and control of human resource flexibility make electronic commerce strive for further improvement, but there is a small episode it is worth noting that the fall of the Shenzhen DDS, also means an important role to promote the harmonious development of electronic commerce, express business is waiting for the policy, the national team and its logistics system, the cost of the various challenges, slightly let e-commerce fire is not very busy.

e-commerce is the summer approaching, e-commerce tycoons cast time, Dangdang, excellence, every guest here is already accounted for under a country, while the Jingdong mall is incomparable predatory market, Gome’s eyes on this, Foxconn began to send his carpet and strategy. Alibaba occupied B2B and Taobao B2C business, after the integration of B2B2CB2CC is more wonderful to let those shareholders happy was

and the national ministries and the media under the electronic commerce in the spring, spring onion just e-commerce heavyweight battlefield, such as personal webmaster want to participate in the electronic commerce in the martial arts world, gathering and selling also needs its own characteristics, and the psychological needs of clients need further research, fixed customer mentality that is difficult to change, all psychological or love goes to the shopping mall, not street stall, of course Taohuo group is offbeat

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