live is one of the hottest Internet outlet in 2016. More and more young people to watch the broadcast is not the pursuit of excitement, but watching boring. Boredom is also a kind of productivity. Internet entrepreneurs seize the opportunity, have devoted themselves to live. Net red in the live broadcast of the auction live, the star is also broadcast, the content of entrepreneurship in the spring is being broadcast live in the summer. Is it true that the economy has become the mainstream of the Internet economy?. Boredom economy is just the Internet economy in a certain period of time to show the stage of economic form.

what is boredom economy?

because of the "boring" and the economic phenomenon, has been dubbed the boring economy. Boring economy can be sold a lovelorn diary, or even a small poem, a word, the price is not high, and some only one or two yuan, that is, to sell the film, followers countless. It can be said that computer games, online chat, virtual communities, social networking sites, etc., to some extent, is the product of the boring economy.

The main form of

boring economy


The popularity of

‘s "boring live" reflects the loneliness of the younger generation in modern life. In the broadcast platform just broadcast a little, there will be people, including eating, sleeping, walking, cooking and so on boring content. Even a less famous female anchor in full on sleep, accidentally received from the nouveau riche fans 70 thousand yuan reward. "Live + electricity supplier", "live + net red", "live + star" is to let some people earn pots full bowl full. Boring economy in the live platform has been fully confirmed.

knowledge sharing

current knowledge sharing, the Internet is more popular performance is the answer. Wang Sicong, such as the net effect of red to pay attention to the public eye. In the answer, you can use your expertise, to solve problems by others to make money. For now, the answer is not sought professionals. We are more willing to spend money to ask star gossip, get boring gossip information, which is an important manifestation of the boring economy.


with the rise of online games, online games tend to sponsor events and exhibition projects continue to join the tournament. The fish, panda TV also like a raging fire to carry out live game broadcast platform. People who love the game, keen to use the boring time to watch the game live, boring economy in electronic games to get a strong performance.

boring economic drawbacks

kill time

boring two words, is the current youth mouth appeared in the high-frequency vocabulary. The Internet and mobile Internet has created a virtual social, such as WeChat, micro-blog, QQ, live, etc., seems to enrich the boring life of the masses. But in fact, said bluntly, is a waste of time to spend.

ruins realistic social

open micro-blog to go around