do you think should be the mall shopping place?! cloud store is trying to through a variety of innovation, gradually change the traditional way of thinking. cloud shop in the future is not only "selling experience, sell products, sell services", is a one-stop platform for the fashion of young people ", and the park idle away in seeking pleasure" feel the vitality and modern and healthy life style "".

It is reported that

, as a more youthful transfer of brand image, cloud store from this week, the first to the National College Students’ group launched the "live music · cool youth cloud store Sunshine Youth Party" activities.

last year, in the 25 anniversary celebration of Suning, Suning officially issued a declaration of youth, so that the ‘youth’ image is known to the public. We hope that through the sunshine of youth activities lie to let more people understand, cloud stores are also very full of vigor and vitality." market relevant person in charge, " cloud store Sunshine Youth Party" will launch a series of young consumer groups like interactive experience activities, such as digital photography, classroom demonstrations, man-machine coffee and classic films, etc..

according to reports, the first "Sunshine Youth Party" was launched in April 23rd 12 cloud store located in Beijing, Wuhan, held in Nanjing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Harbin, Changchun, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Qingdao 12 city, 5 stores in Tianjin, Chongqing cloud and Guangzhou city will also the launch of this activity in the near future.

During the

event, the relevant cloud store will launch a number of interactive activities around their own characteristics. For the love of cooking students, in the classroom learning can be baked fancy coffee, or with food ingredients in the classroom for firing off "spring picnic". For the beauty of the girls, you can learn the skills through beauty beauty class, and enjoy free Manicure benefits. There are mobile phone free film, notebook, dust free classroom activities for money at the same time, want early adopters of the students experience.

now many college students rely heavily on the life of the unreal Internet, we hope that through the experience of activities, so that students can be more close to real life, feel the rich and colorful life. We hope that the "Sunshine Youth lying ‘make become a name card of cloud store, let young people really love here." The official said.

young people are the main consumer market in the future, the electricity supplier, but also to firmly grasp the hearts of young people. And the best way to impress young people, is the brand of intimacy and identity." Industry insiders, cloud store Sunshine Youth lie "is actually young people feel close to, products and services to build a good platform. Let the young people in the "play" in the process of love on, this is a far sighted move to cultivate loyal customers.