accidentally saw a B2C site today, I’m not here to talk about this site, but we can refer to the operating mode of this site. In the development of electronic commerce China has for many years, until now, has been popular, but now most people can only know online shopping, but do not know the electronic commerce, do not believe you can ask the people around you.

more and more people are now open shop on the Internet, in the large B2C site, there are many shop goods sell well, but if you are in an online shop, this will cause a problem, so many goods, so many sellers, buyers how to choose real sellers do, even if a level can be distinguished, but the level is can brush, can also be false, it is difficult to identify. A seller to want to be famous in many sellers, is even more difficult, even if the advertising, but also rich people do it, how to do? Independent shop is definitely merchants choice. In fact, as long as your goods are real, buyers are willing to buy your goods. Even if the fraud, in large sites, the same can be false.

is currently in China, there have been many mature system, so the future of the Chinese, programmers do not need a lot, if you do not believe, just think about it, if a company is not particularly strong, only a fool would go to their own development system, a mature system is not used, it is really a fool. But now China is entering a misunderstanding, many young people still learn ASP program, do a program engineer’s dream, and each school has always smiled and said, in fact China programmers have enough, now is the lack of e-commerce professionals, what is e-commerce talent? How to do an electronic commerce talent, but we’ll talk later.

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