is now open recharge shop to save money and worry ah, is it true? In fact, the result is not like this, not as simple as we imagined, but we did not expect the so complicated. The most important thing is to open shop perseverance and perseverance, just like the marathon, who insisted to the end, who is the winner. Here, I give you a word, jinrenshi, listen to destiny, have a clear conscience; focus on the process and results of light, let it be. Due to the limited space, I do not share enough comprehensive, we do not understand what you can always ask me, my QQ:381713669 (annotated from webmaster network)

price must be low buyers on Taobao, the same goods, different prices, buyers will certainly choose low-priced. Price war, the most brutal, competitive price is bound to be the main content. If you can get the first hand goods, to lower the price of the purchase, then you have a greater flexibility in the pricing of goods. In the competition, the price will have certain advantages, so do not do business in Taobao, the lowest bidder auction, buyers of heart, do the recharge, estimate all know, profit is not very big, is very small (large amount not) I suggest novice open top shops, it is best not to think what profit, only according to the purchase price to sell, to seek the credibility, the credibility of it, you buy something more people to visit your shop. People are more and more.

propaganda must do shop, propaganda Kung fu. If your baby is low price, buyers do not know, only to No one shows any interest in unknown extent. Therefore, propaganda Kung Fu must do. The post is a good choice to let other people remember, also will arouse his interest, attract him into your shop to see. A lot of people back to the post or reply, and can call people to look at your shop. Advertising is also essential, although advertising posts are annoying, but if you are attractive enough to attract people, they will only be interested, no annoying mood. Publicity will bring traffic to the shop, and do it later, reputation is very important, there are a considerable part of the business from the old customers, these old customers will help you publicity. Therefore, publicity is essential. Publicity is good. Your price is very low. When someone wants to recharge the phone calls or anything else. Will come to your shop, so that they can not sell things.


virtual products trading profits altogether includes three aspects, a prepaid card profit, which includes prepaid recharge cards, game cards, prepaid card business such as QQ. There are prepaid software profits, this is your proxy recharge software royalty.

the first prepaid card profit: for example Beijing mobile charges 50 yuan of the purchase price is 49.35 yuan, so our price of 49.8 yuan, after purchasing, our profit is 49.8-49.35=0.45 yuan. Is so simple. The bill purchase price is fixed, the sales price set by their own sales, the higher the price, the higher the profit, so is the other virtual products. Selling calls to rely on sales