grassroots five years, the domestic electricity supplier.

start a business or a web site first clear: 1 what you have; 2 users who need what; what can you do in the 3; what do you want?. Instead of what other people do to make money, you do what.

Internet is a magic industry, a lot of new company, is a piece of the fallen, persistent.

and talk about the recent many giants have entered the tour to seize the electricity supplier.

tourism business is not a pure air ticket, hotel website, more is the integration of "chizhuhang play tesco". Earlier Ctrip, with the way has been committed to the use of air tickets, hotel market, and later there are many other places to go. Rely on those products in the industry where it is very difficult, because those are from the various products provider, simple and easy to copy. 04 years, Ctrip launched a holiday tourism business, eventually have to face the people, only better service in order to improve customer loyalty, and better service must be closed to good comprehensive real-time monitoring, thus speeding up the acquisition of domestic travel agencies to seize the traditional holiday travel agency business, and tourism is by four.

where to go, the way cattle and other many giants focus on tourism market in the domestic electricity supplier, Ctrip, but ignore the rise of Ji Cheng travel (estimates for this platform is still a lot of people feel very strange), its predecessor is the German flying tourism group (this estimate is made mainly for Europe for having heard it many times), the high-end tourism market. The Ctrip electricity was more on domestic tourism or "popular" tourism market, this is a piece of cake, the market relatively high-end outbound is accounted for, but also can not be ignored.

Ji Cheng with a strong background and decades of experience in the European tourist market, to provide real-time booking of European star hotels and high-end business travel personalized custom line. The integration of the Swiss placenta, German living cells and other high-end health tours and European cruise tourism projects, to quickly seize the European high-end tourism market, but also for many domestic tourism business to catch up.

SO no matter where Ctrip or or Ji Cheng or from the original ticket, hotel booking website or traditional travel agencies to online electricity supplier, is to fall, if not its own traditional travel agency behind it, it is not good to master the service quality, cost control and real-time monitoring of user needs.

therefore operation clearly their positioning, market positioning, not to have beautiful long short; not burned up the money and will do electricity supplier. For example, a stall where, if you open a stall, maybe you can get a small share of the market, if you open a disposable items store? Perhaps this is a criticism of the domestic electricity supplier. Different scholars have different views.