Fried rice with

oil has the same taste of digging, planting predecessors descendants cool, but when has no point we cooked rice, fried rice what, in the end is how to make. In this world, all walks of life is very clear, do we know that conceptual boundaries and limitations, for example, I have with two meters, I want to use the to do the real estate website, this is certainly wrong to play the value of, while can only play its value in the field of television in order to reflect the value of it. Similarly, can not be used to do TV sites. The two domain name deeply shows a truth, everything, no matter you are not what gold meters, wondering what to do about your subjective things is what things, but objectively speaking, what do you do for, social responsibility, let each person do his best to make the best use.

for more than two meters, just that the industry and the limitations of the m m, cannot show their fried rice farmers Kung fu. I’ll take a few examples to see, and those standing for m that is a kind of artistic conception. For example, wave zhulang novel is said, this kind of artistic conception, which makes people can think in the cultural tide of a novel kind of artistic taste. The waves, waves can be said to it? This is a very interesting question, of course, the waves, then this type of meter is worthy to fry the concept of rice. For example, recently, the company name veins, the statue’s network, the network may respect the meters, can also be used to do network game to respect network, but it is a network service station, this is not a bad idea.

say a station, we are not unfamiliar, Google,, maybe you say the name is too funny, indeed, zhuaxia said now is the network service content provided free network favorites, so why not take zhuaxia the domain name to do direct central theme? Zhuaxia, it is a guess a mood, so it is more vivid, more reminiscent of this domain name is suddenly remembered, so will have to have more effect with phenomenon.

and now we can fry, which is Chinese meters, Chinese characters is broad and profound, it is worth a lot of the concept of domain name speculation, perhaps you will be invaluable advice for a domain name, the achievement of a life brand.