The first

video alliance business has been into a dead end, which has been in the new league system in the naked show.

1. canceled the members off the assembly line.

of course, this is not what important information, union said it was for our "network" healthy and orderly development, in order to ensure the interests of most website owners, I decided to stop the main site in the development of offline activities.

in my opinion, the league has a lot to the main site development in the near future, the biggest reason is that advertisers have too little, the truth we all know.

One of the most incredible things about

2. is that the same ad code is placed on the same site for up to three pages, one of which must be on the home page of the site, and on the first screen. Many people do not understand the meaning of this article, or do not understand this system will appear in a union. Yes, an advertising code can only be placed on the three page of a web site, you’re not wrong, but one should be put in the home page, you can also put two pages, see clearly, is two pages. This is the official reply to this two page meaning " Id=1 and Id=2 said two pages, we recommend that you do not put the player in the template page, can be placed on a separate page flow is relatively high, if each page are allowed, it will lead the user to open each page will appear advertising, this will seriously affect the user experience, thereby affecting the webmaster website PV

saw this reply when I really want to be the mastermind alliance face hematemesis.

basically a bit of network common sense people know, even if NetEase, Sina and other large portals, they have a large flow, it is also relying on a huge amount of information to integrate. The personal website traffic is need to rely on so every little bit to reach thousands or even tens of thousands of daily traffic, and you have to make the first video we put only three pages to do advertising, well, then we’ll calculate the bill.

took me personally for three months of data for example:


website IP on average: 40 thousand, total investment in effect on the date of the first video, play times: 15000 times in average, the advertisement play times about 5000 times, so the final effective broadcast number is 10000 times, so the effective rate of play a percentage of IP is about 25%, the Union Commission is 8 yuan /1000 again, this calculation down, about the yuan effectively. This is the first original video alliance investment about a data station, I dare to play.