group purchase website profit model is very simple, but also very effective, a simple and effective profit model, natural easy access to people of all ages, since the beginning of 2010 began to attract a large number of venture capital, in the last year from the first group purchase network rapidly grow to 2000, this scale can be said to be the type of website development miracle, but the miracle in the first half of 2011 continued to play crazy, even in the face of fierce competition, in the first half of 2000 from the group purchase website is still expanding rapidly to 5000, basically doubled last year but also strong, surprised when others staged magic after the group purchase website, but found. Now the group purchase websites have been entered a difficult moment, from brilliant to decline, only spent more than a year of time, from this aspect, the network group purchase The station still created the magic of the type website!

according to the latest statistics show that the current top ten group purchase websites have lost money, so a large group purchase site there is also that in the loss of small group purchase website or local group purchase website will also face the crisis? Many experts unable to agree on which is right but a basic point of view, that is, competition group purchase the website is more and more intense, and the group purchase business users and passes, is the day of the competition climax


and now the group purchase website not only in domestic crisis, the crisis seems to have set fire to the Europe and the United States, such as Facebook took just three months on the line of the group purchase site closed, friends were also big cuts in the world, of course, is the focus of the visible buy site operations suffered difficulties has become an indisputable the fact! Now experts worry that is whether the site suffered winter group purchase group purchase website, but worry will survive the winter


according to this understanding, now many websites have started to group purchase winter, nature is the first step of the layoffs, reduce the cost of human resources as much as possible, and then find more profit model, such as mobile phone mobile e-commerce today ushered in a wave of new development climax, many sites began to group purchase the profit point on the mobile phone the electronic commerce, but the present situation, the effect is not obvious, need to wait for a period of time can really come to the conclusion of

!Behind the rapid expansion of the

group purchase website, bring what kind of enlightenment caused by intense competition and rapid development of the Internet to hibernate? I think, when the simple profit model of incoming time, not to be able to enter this market all over your head, looks to be successful quickly, but to long success is very difficult, because the more simple profit model, the more easily lead to fierce competition from the group purchase site quickly into the low tide, we can gradually see the electronic commerce website is also facing the crisis stretched in the future, because the profit model of e-commerce has become more and more simple


but e-commerce sites, there is a very high threshold need to step over, that >