last week, micro-blog launched a joy car season activities, which is the second time micro-blog has organized the car. The first time was in January last year, Mercedes Benz micro-blog started selling SMART New Year Special Edition car, the price of 128888, open customer service 490 minutes will be sold out, selling an average of 44 seconds. This time it is a number of manufacturers to launch a number of brands, from the current situation, the effect is still quite good. Data show that the activities of the line 100 minutes on the sales of a breakthrough of 100 million, breaking the line for 30 hours, 46 hours on the line orders over 10 thousand units.

from the microscopic point of view, the data show that in addition to a class of millet Meizu / brand cooperation, try low customer price of product sale, micro-blog in trading commodities also have tremendous potential. From the macro perspective, micro-blog after the listing of a series of commercial test related with the electricity supplier, and have achieved good results, which is typical of the shift, micro-blog become more and more mature in the field of electronic business, brings to the traditional electricity supplier challenges will increase.

support me to make this judgment, there are several reasons for the following.

first, the user has been developed based on micro-blog shopping and payment habits. Micro-blog on the industry to do the electricity supplier is a viable argument for a long time, the opposition is an important concern is that the lack of social flow purchasing habits, it is difficult to transform into electricity supplier. Now, this is a false proposition for micro-blog. Users especially female users are mostly in the micro-blog shopping habits, micro-blog has also spawned a large number of sellers based on purchasing, so micro-blog users would have to develop the buying habits, just before the launch of its own payment in micro-blog, Alipay, Taobao and other users through the platform to complete the transaction. Coupled with earlier millet, Meizu, micro-blog, etc. have been sold on mobile phones and other products, users have developed a habit of buying on micro-blog.

secondly, from the point of view of the vendor, and micro-blog cooperation will be strong. The micro-blog car for example, the more than and 30 brands of hundreds of models involved in activities, including Mercedes Benz, BMW and other high-end brands, there are also independent brands like brilliance, basically covering all mainstream models on the market. These brands are willing to cooperate with micro-blog, on the one hand is to cooperate with micro-blog can get a great brand exposure, and even the completion of the transaction directly, on the other hand, car prices can maximize access to potential users. At present, micro-blog # joy Car Buying season # topic page has been viewed nearly 1 billion times, to discuss the amount of more than 660 thousand, expected to participate in up to hundreds of thousands or even millions. These users are likely to participate in the activities of the intention to buy a car crowd, that is, the potential customers of car prices, which for the brand, it is very tempting.

third, based on micro-blog’s big data, making electricity supplier personalized recommendation more precise. Now is the era of oversupply, electricity providers to do, not just to provide goods so simple, but according to the user’s preferences, to help users to filter, and then the user most likely hi