Jingdong launched a micro shop business advertising subsidies to businesses can obtain micro Xinshou Q entrance

[TechWeb] November 28th news, recently announced the launch of the mall Jingdong micro shop merchants launched 1+3 advertising subsidies. A combination of specific subsidies including traffic and advertising unlimited advertising exclusive subsidies and multi platform.

according to reports, the Jingdong on the platform during -12 months in November this year, the third party merchants put a certain number of precise wireless advertising, Jingdong is given its 1:0.5 wireless advertising, WeChat exclusive subsidies and Q shopping entrance pit support, Jingdong PC and mobile client advertising or pit subsidies and three corresponding support resources.

addition, in November 27th WeChat shopping home will be on-line micro channel shop exclusive channel. Jingdong said that through the Jingdong micro shop at the entrance of the show, will further help businesses solve the problem of traffic sources and fans to attract. Jingdong mall settled in the future will be able to synchronize the opening of the new Jingdong micro shop.

Vice president, general manager of Jingdong

group micro Xinshou Q business department Hou Yanping said that mobile providers represent the future, users of online shopping habits from the PC to the migration of mobile terminal has been a trend which cannot be halted, this year showed explosive growth in the micro shop to the center of the form of electricity providers, but also to accelerate the development of mobile business. Jingdong micro shop relying on WeChat, two mobile phone QQ entrance resources and Jingdong brand endorsement, in shopping while providing more convenient, more scenes for users, but also provides users with quality assurance, lightning delivery, seven days no reason to return the quality standard of mobile shopping experience. (Aruhan)