Abstract: China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier is in its infancy, the market size is small and many problems, but failed to get through the industry chain, but only focus on retail. If you maintain the status quo, it is difficult to achieve development.


recently, Tmall issued a "notice" on the emergency control measures of drug category, drug sales Tmall announced suspension of medicine museum. This notice was issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), the notice were issued to the Hebei food and drug administration, the Guangdong food and Drug Administration and the Shanghai food and drug administration. Because in the jurisdiction of the three departments, respectively, there are three B2C platform to obtain qualified pilot businesses in the third party.

the halt, from the surface, because the pilot certificate has expired. But behind it, there will be many deep-seated reasons. So, what is the reason for these reasons, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is feasible to stop the sale of drugs in the network platform in the future and how to develop it?

, the online sale of drugs problems are frequent, the pharmaceutical business is called

network selling drugs, after the popularity of the Internet is gradually emerging as a new type of drug sales, Tmall medical center is one of the representatives of the enterprises settled more. So far, settled in the Tmall medical center and received a total of 258 pharmacies B2C class flagship store license. At present, the company holds 456 B2C licenses, more than half of the pharmaceutical B2C companies have settled in the Tmall medical museum.

In addition, CFDA issued a notice in the three provinces, the certificate of the third party drug sales platform were Hebei, Guangdong, the eight hundred party and the number of stores in Shanghai, No. 95095, 1. In addition to Tmall Medical Museum, the three platforms have also been affected.

in 2013 and in 2014, CFDA has awarded the three companies on the Internet, the third party platform drug online retail pilot certificate. But now, these three pilot certificates have expired. At that time, CFDA issued a document, said: B2C third party platform for a year of pilot work, during which pilot enterprises should report the progress of the pilot regularly report, the deadline to submit a comprehensive summary report". And now CFDA has not been authorized, because in the network sale of drugs, the problem occurs frequently.

open the network, in the search for the sale of drugs on the network keywords, you can see a lot of drugs like genuine, medical devices such as negative news leakage. The pharmaceutical industry is a special industry with high profits, which is related to people’s health. But because of high profits, many black businessmen in defiance of the law and morality in the hands and feet above drugs. In the special environment of the network, are more likely to cheat.

last February, CFDA announced the 9 false drug website, but after 1 months, there are still 6 normal open, false drug information is still in the striking position, this also from the side of the network supervision difficult.