NetEase science and technology news November 5th news, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao to Zhejiang to carry out commercial system reform research. In the Alibaba group research, Zhang Mao pointed out that in recent years the network trading enterprises to actively carry out self management and self regulation, in the purification of business environment, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, safeguard the interests of consumers has made positive efforts. However, there are still some problems that harm the interests of consumers in the online trading market.

Zhang Mao stressed that double 11 is approaching, the electricity supplier platform as the first person responsible for the construction of good faith law-abiding network trading environment, one to carry out operations in accordance with the law. The Internet is not outside the law. To consciously maintain the market order of fair competition, full, fair and orderly competition, business operators shall not be restricted to participate in fair competition; not to participate in the competition to malicious marketing consciousness and establish a good reputation and image of the business platform. Two to standardize business practices of businesses, strengthen the main responsibility, ensure the main access and review platform operator qualification, strengthen the daily line inspections and sampling, inspection of goods and services monitoring released by the operator, formulate and improve relevant management system, the use of big data platform, malicious shops, dishonesty and infringement should be discipline. Three to encourage and support the establishment of self regulatory organizations network operators to strengthen the network operator’s education, service, management and supervision, and guide operators to consciously regulate business practices, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Four to strengthen the network consumer rights. Establish and perfect the trading rules, transaction security, consumer protection system, with the business and market supervision department and the Consumer Protection Agency wide open channel network of consumer rights; improve the consumption of the first part of the operators ask and pay system, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Fifth, active participation in social governance. Give full play to their own advantages, actively participate in various fields, regulation and consumer rights link, and network operators, the government and the joint efforts of the whole society, to establish "enterprise autonomy, self-discipline, social supervision and government supervision" social governance pattern.