July 21, 2016, Beijing, Huairou, orange rainstorm warning, half past eight am.

Zhang Shuhua opened a just bought two years has run 193 thousand kilometers of the van, from Huairou wild goose West Lake site, all the way north.

According to the

morning canvassing orders Zhang Shuhua to send today far a single site at a distance of more than 100 kilometers outside the Beijing horn ditch Forest Park.

urgent rain fog and low visibility, after entering the Huairou mountains, along the road to see dozens of rear end, rub the traffic accident, so he opened the caution today.

on a road so bad or when snow before the Spring Festival this year under the mountains, recalled the situation, Zhang Shuhua said: "when the morning out of the highway closed, we lay on the high-speed side till noon, then go to the mountains and go traffic police".

Zhang Shuhua is a member of the Jingdong in the distribution, Yan West Lake site in general, a site in downtown Beijing is responsible for the area is about ten kilometers or so, Zhang Shuhua a person responsible area close to 50 kilometers. In the Zhang Shuhua courier home page, as of July 23, 2016, his total length of 960 days, the total mileage of about 119628 km, the earth around the circle of 3.


Zhang Shuhua page phone screenshot

a crack on the screen of the NOKIA phone, a car opened 38 years of maintenance of the van, a collection of POS machine, is the longest time to accompany Zhang Shuhua every day of the three things. For this part of the market has rarely seen mobile phone, Zhang Shuhua has a unique feeling, every time after delivering an order, he had to go back to the car, before driving the next single user input to the mobile phone call ahead in advance deposit, intelligent machines, at the hands of reporters he said: "you this large screen mobile phone battery in the mountains half gone, I have this mobile phone to run one day."


Zhang Shuhua cell phone photo

from West Lake goose site to virgin forest area, full speed for a total of 98.2 kilometers, Zhang Shuhua and another member is responsible for distribution of four villages and towns far distance site, Labagoumen Manchu Township, Tanghekou, Baoshan town and changshaoying Manchu Township, two people a day in two villages and towns, alternately distribution. The two walked nearly two years in the road, Zhang Shuhua almost closed eyes can walk, "before a few more Tianshui, the two day line is gone, the van chassis, not afraid of" river flooded the village on the road he consoled in a reporter.


from the cab to the outside has been flooded road

in addition to the phone, the car with his two years of the van is another comrade Zhang Shuhua, comrade