currently, parity moon cake has become mainstream. Central implementation of the eight provisions, anti four winds since the moon cake consumption return to reason, the atmosphere has improved significantly, but the problem is still there. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the reporter visited the survey.

Lite is the mainstream

parity moon cake

in September, moon cake has become the major shopping malls selling goods.

"the best selling moon cake gift box price 200 yuan to 300 yuan, and this year handmade moon cake sales increased significantly, although the packaging is simple, but the taste than the processing machinery, very popular." Wuhan Wu to discuss the sale of supermarket fruit lake store sales staff, a few years ago, a lot of units and the company’s procurement staff to get a lot of goods, at least 500 yuan per box standards, this year has not seen such a situation." In Wuhan several shopping malls, supermarkets moon cake gift box on the counter, the price of more than two hundred or three hundred yuan, less than 100 yuan cheaper, packaging is in ordinary carton.

in Guangzhou, the reporter found a few years ago around the party and government organs to find business in the moon cake coupons cattle now basically gone. A large supermarket chain in Guangzhou Tianhe District, all kinds of cake 200 yuan high price of a superb collection of beautiful things, about low tens of dollars there, "abalone moon" bird nest "moon cake" luxury moon cake gift box in the supermarket almost disappeared.

expensive moon cake gift boxes are tricky

however, in "People moon cakes" popular at the same time, high priced luxury moon cake gift box moon cake still exists, only "supporter", "face" packaging and a variety of gift coupons, entrainment is the protagonist".

in a Wuhan warehouse supermarket moon cake counter, the sales staff told to buy moon cake give, strongly recommended a price of 888 yuan a gift. The moon cake stuffing for the common market, but particularly exquisite: dark blue leather gift box double box, equipped with a metal lock, each moon cake is arranged in a metal box. In Wuhan, an upscale shopping mall, sales staff carefully opened a box of moon cake gift box priced at 2288 yuan. Marked "distinguished blessing ceremony" on the outer packing box, glittering luxurious, there are 8 pieces of moon cakes and two bottles of 240 ml of the bird’s nest.

in Guangzhou The Ritz Carlton Hotel, a Ritz luxury gift box "consists of two white lotus moon cake, bird’s nest two scallops mooncake and a pot of gold Junmei Black Tea with orange box, the price of 668 yuan. Industry sources, this gift box, moon cake itself without much cost, valuable is that a box of tea.

private custom contributed Zhang Feng

luxury high priced moon cake, although not in the shopping malls and supermarkets, but in a number of high-end hotel orders and electronic business platform to find a "soil".

Wuhan is an upscale hotel launched the moon cake custom single, from 999 yuan to 2999 yuan, according to the requirements of the guests, and "moon cake fillings with collocation ceremony, including high-end wine, tea, crabs, bird’s nest, sea cucumber.