identify wholesale market

I often see in Taobao

sellers complain: my goods turn a few hands, the money is earned to middlemen. How to purchase directly from the manufacturers……………… So and so on.

in fact, the dealer is a necessary part of the commodity circulation, we do not need to avoid him. If the manufacturer is in Guangdong, you are in Beijing. Do you have to go straight to Guangdong to purchase not? Even if the manufacturers in your home, the manufacturers can not deal with a retailer directly. Unless that factory is very small, or give you the goods is two. In the future, I will talk about the production and differentiation of the one or two products. So, for retailers, the best channel for the purchase of the wholesale market is often so large pet market, how to find the cheapest wholesale market. This is the difference between retail and wholesale, wholesale and retail and direct sales of three different markets. Looking for a wholesale is also good on the web to find so, does not require any agency fees to do the best, Q1140278440 can understand, one is the wholesale price, or directly to the country’s largest wholesale market in the wholesale clothing, ultra high quality ultra cheap, the cheapest postage is all in the industry! Absolutely first-class quality, price than the

value for money!

distinction between retail and wholesale and wholesale and retail, it is easy. Take clothing for example: retail and wholesale market, is allowed to try on clothes. Wholesale and retail is not allowed to try on clothes. The price, of course, is a wholesale and retail place cheaper.

distinguish between wholesale and retail and direct sales points. You have to look at the environment. Because the volume of goods here is relatively large. The aisle between the store wide. Cars can be loaded and unloaded in the morning and evening. And all the stuff is packed. Not for retail. You do not give the number of retail. Here is the amount, the price is the lowest. But you have to be able to afford it. No amount of people bother you.

so, have time to stay in front of the computer at your purchase price. Might as well go to the market. Look for those outlets to take goods. Both cheap and quality assurance. But to do for a long time can return.

gold lot selection shop 7 standard.

why some of the alleys of the store business is booming year after year, while some of the bustling shops business is difficult to do, indicating that the specific circumstances of the specific analysis. Shanghai experts to open the store experts to find shops golden city mouth investors provide seven suggestions for reference:

1, a convenient area, or near several major stations. Can be set up in the street within 20 minutes of walking. Many people on the side of the shop as well.

2, close to the place where people gather. Such as theaters, cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near the large factories, organs, which can attract pedestrians passing through, on the other hand, easy to make the customer remember the store’s location, to