according to the daily economic news exclusive reports, STO today announced a major strategic restructuring and express every day in the interior. According to reports, the reorganization is not the merger but the integration of resources, Shen Tong, every day is still the two companies, but share the same management team.

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the reorganization information is as follows:

1, the integration of content: operations, products, information technology, express the last mile and other resources.

2, a change in management: after the reorganization, the original Shen Tong Chen Dejun chairman Shen Tong, chairman of the daily express every day; former chairman Xi Chunyang, Shen Tong, President Chen Xiangyang every day; Ren Shen Tong, executive vice president of every day. Although the two companies are still, but management has opened up.

3, the purpose of integration: to speed up the service level of enterprises, enhance enterprise service capabilities.

has a blood relationship between the two companies

count two background, and every day that Shentong link shareholders capital, and family relationships, within the integration of resources is also reasonable, expected.

1, capital relations:

as early as 2012, Xi Chunyang, President of the former Shentong group took 160 million of the price of the daily express delivery of a stake of 60%, and served as chairman and CEO of express every day.

was informed sources said the acquisition of Xi Chunyang’s personal investment behavior, Shen Tong did not invest money. Xi Chunyang still holds Shen Tong shares, but does not serve as a specific position in the Shen Tong headquarters, the two sides in the short term is an independent operation of the two companies, long-term does not rule out the possibility of cooperation.


, family relationships

before the merger, the daily express chairman Xi Chunyang STO chairman Chen Dejun’s brother-in-law. Xi Chunyang in 2012 to offer daily express before has served as president of STO, is one of the core founder Shen Tong; and Mrs. Chen Xiaoying, Xi Chun Shen Tong as chairman of Chen Dejun’s sister, still serves as the core management of Shen Tong in Xi Shen Tong after leaving.

competition under the choice of

in addition to its own blood relationship, the industry is also competing for the merger of the two options.

1, Tencent Ali blocking:

as a companion, the courier industry is the fastest growing market with the rapid growth of online shopping industry. But with ALI Tencent into the Bureau, the strength of the relatively weak Shentong at a disadvantage.

May 14, 2015, the Alibaba announced the group, and Ma Yun created a joint Yunfeng fund has made strategic investments to Yuantong express. The two sides will work together to promote the upgrading of China’s express logistics industry, promote the industry in the management, product promotion, internationalization, rural logistics and other aspects of the expansion and change.