May 29th, the fifth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet owners. Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu in an interview with Sohu IT, said the group will face three major problems and challenges.

at the same time, when it comes to the mobile Internet, Li Kaifu said that after five years, the number of mobile terminal traffic and the number of users will be more than PC, but the phone does not replace PC. (Lei Feng)

below is the full text of the interview:

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, everyone, today we are very pleased to be invited to the teacher Li Kaifu. Today, I heard Dr. Lee at the meeting talking about the idea of a new workshop and the project being completed. There are 9 projects, the 7 is about the mobile Internet field. I heard about this theory also Lei two days ago, said the future will replace the mobile phone is PC. What do you think,


Li Kaifu: I think it is a gradual phase, five years later, the mobile phone usage, traffic, users will be more than PC, but should not replace the PC, or the use of the.

Moderator: you just mentioned that there are six trends, APPStore’s pre charge mode will fail, you suggest a free way to start. But it is difficult to collect fees in china. What do you think about this when you are doing a project?

Li Kaifu: payment is indeed must be divided into, how to look at the situation today, there are a lot of software in mobile phone is through Alipay and other ways. So he does not have to pay the channel operators, of course, operators are also a very reasonable channel. APPStore in foreign countries in fact it is mainly pre charge, that is, to download the software before I pay, maybe I’ll give you a try to use a trial version, but sometimes not. This model is difficult to succeed in China, because Chinese users do not have to pay the habit of re-use. So it is easier to put into the use of the software for free, but after using a software, if you really have a large enough value, it can collect fees from users after upgrading, increase storage or virtual currency, virtual props way. This is not an increase in fees, is free at the beginning, and later charges, such a model may be successful.

Moderator: I

at the end of March to the innovation works once, innovation works was probably less than forty employees. I would like to ask what is the development of Innovation workshop now? I heard a lot of people?

Li Kaifu: we are not allowed to say employees, these two words are not allowed in the company. Because the staff means that he is working for Li Kaifu, which represents the impulse of his entrepreneurial tendencies. We hope that every worker in the Innovation workshop, whether it’s an engineer or anyone else, is the owner of his company. In terms of quantity, there are about one hundred people in our nine projects.

host: this year you are whole