during the spring Chinese railway customer service center website 12306.cn is probably the most talked about global hot site, no one, only the most. From the Ministry of Railways announced the spring full implementation of network ticket, only half a month, 12306.cn Alexa rose to today’s global China ranked 1560, ranked 102, 12306.cn website daily hits the peak is more than 1 billion times within a short period of time, traffic soared to the world first. These figures if individuals or businesses, how tempting you, then he brought a curse. Railway booking network negative you look, I want to say is that it’s the positive side, the positive influence he brought to China e-commerce market.

At the same time

railway booking network in some convenient online booking, also attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people, some people say it is "ugly interface, it UI it is rough, the server is not stable, the user experience is rotten to the pole. But it is the history of the most cattle electricity supplier did not do a penny of advertising, just a few days the global ALEXA rankings surge, the number of orders is expected to be the first day, do not worry about sales, the first rate of well deserved. It is China Railway booking network." Some people say it is garbage sites, some people in order to purchase a family and friends together, refresh, buy, some people even cooperate, some responsible for booking, some responsible for payment, and powerful software development, buy tickets to buy tickets, tens of thousands of strangers to the small fire ticket resorted to exhaust all the skills…… Set to the ticket, you can be happy to go home, did not set the ticket to the people, then feel a lot of complaints, almost no one said a good booking network.

data show that now the network ticketing and telephone booking, has reached 2 million a day, the network has registered more than 10 million registered users. Now there are 2 million tickets sold through the Internet and telephone, that is to say, about 1/3 of the passengers do not have to go to the station for several hours, or even queuing to buy a whole night." So I would like to say that 12306.cn is very good in some ways, it brings to the Chinese e-commerce market has the following functions:

1, he gave Chinese electronic commerce application injected new blood, and open a new situation, although it is ugly, can not meet the majority of Internet users 1 billion clicks will lead to his paralysis, at least we ordered after the train ticket has a more convenient way,

2, to the vast number of Internet users have a large-scale online shopping experience, carried out the world’s largest online shopping market education. There are a lot of people who do not have online shopping experience, in a special period, but also the experience of online shopping train tickets. This allows more people to know what is online shopping, online shopping is actually very convenient, very simple. I think this will be a very positive significance for the development of e-commerce in china.

3, let the Chinese government or e-commerce policy makers have a clearer understanding of China’s online shopping. In the development of large-scale e-commerce strategy and the relevant administrative law