technology news May 25th afternoon news, Jingdong today in micro-blog refurbished events do respond, said two mobile phone supplier China Unicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom Huasheng, authorized by the official apple, regular and reliable sources of supply, and issue specific documents. (

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recent media coverage of the so-called "Jingdong selling refurbished Apple mobile phone" event, Jingdong attaches great importance to set up a special investigation team has conducted a thorough investigation, the following shows that some progress of the investigation:

a. About the source of supply of related iPhone products

investigation, media reports mentioned the customer Ms. Wu and Mr. Zhao, respectively iPhone 5C 32GB mobile phone to buy in the Jingdong in December 21, 2013 and March 8, 2014 (string code: 358027057986110) and iPhone 4S 8GB (mobile phone serial code: 013150004045785), two mobile phone supplier for Chinese Unicom, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom Huasheng, formal sources of supply reliable, detail see Appendix Figure 1.

Unicom Huasheng Apple Corp in mainland China is the first iPhone authorized suppliers, the supply of formal and reliable. Apple Corp specifically issued in March 6, 2013, the relevant proof: proof of China Unicom Huasheng iPhone authorized dealers, and approved the China Unicom Huasheng Jingdong on the site to sell iPhone applications". See Appendix 2 for details.

Jingdong always adhere to the "authentic" concept, the iPhone sold goods are regular and reliable sources of supply, management has a strict specification process in the storage of goods, warehousing and storage, distribution and other aspects, to ensure the whole process can guarantee the authentic licensed". For media coverage of the problems, Jingdong and relevant units will continue to investigate.

two. Ask questions about Apple ID and password to customer

iPhone in the course of repair, need to close the "find my iPhone function, exit iCould, erase or activation, but the user is enabled in running iOS 7 and higher version of the operating system of iPhone products for my iPhone" function, automatically linked to bind the user Apple ID. If you do not enter the Apple ID and password, all can not turn off the "find my iPhone", exit iCloud, erase or activate the product. So Apple Corp requires maintenance services before the ban to find my iPhone, or Apple Corp will not provide warranty services. Details can refer to the official website of Apple Corp on the detailed provisions of the iCloud (related content screenshot below):>