is now the Internet in the process of rapid development, and has developed a very mature, so the electronic commerce has been accepted by most people, many traditional companies do look at others on the Internet is booming, made a fortune, he looked to be jealous, the entrepreneur, is a mercenary, profit for the final of course, many outstanding entrepreneurs in their own earnings but also contribute to our society. Now with the Internet to pull the top of the business have begun to rely on the Internet, so the electricity supplier has become a growing industry. A lot of people into the business world, just to see a lot of predecessors such as brilliant, grassroots in Taobao shop is because of some very successful shops attracted, watching people don’t move it a monthly income of tens of thousands of enterprises, is the same, to watch their competitors on Tmall trading volume than that under their own line at numerous times, he also began to imitate to do. But a lot of people, just to see the surface of the harvest high sales, but did not see the people behind the pay; as we often say, only to see the success of others did not see the other people’s pay.

yesterday, I have a friend who engaged in the electricity supplier told me that their company has recently done electricity supplier this issue has been a big discussion of all the company’s employees. Then he said that I was an understanding of the Internet, but not specifically to do electricity supplier, but more interested in electricity providers, so there should be more rational analysis. He said he was in the company because it is responsible for operation of the electricity supplier, but always advocate doing basic work enough, do it all again after sales will pull. But their company is a traditional business, the business has just started, they are now basically are engaged in the customer’s own inherent in traditional business to maintain the company; and they want to do the electricity supplier is because the original old customers have been lured to other online business, in order to long-term development must do business. But the vast majority of a very real problem is that the company is with the boss long traditional business people, they just understand this time to communicate with customers to get the majority of sales, and never consider what will happen in future, because we all know that a lot of traditional salesman wish their customers immediately signed a contract with yourself if the customer said, a month later, he will sichanlanda. So many people’s thinking is to stay in the traditional business model, so my friend in the ability to play when there is obviously a lot of resistance.

I think my friend is very good indeed in e-commerce, because he has a lot of very successful cases. But this time he obviously felt the difficulty, because this is his first time in the traditional enterprise transformation to practice. As he said, a lot of people really want to know what is e-commerce, and when he said these can not be exactly what they have to ensure that the effect, so the credibility is not very high. And when the marketing company to salesman, in fact, these people in addition to their ability to do business, the specific operation of e-commerce is certainly nothing, and their colleagues feel that