technology news May 22nd morning news, released the first quarter ended March 31, 2015 unaudited earnings, net revenue and net profit to maintain high growth, which means that the United States in the transition from vertical beauty electricity supplier to the growth of cross-border electricity supplier, to return to the fast lane, the fastest growth rate reached a record level.

data show that the United States first quarter net revenues of $250 million 600 thousand, up 61.8% over the same period last year, than previously expected given the 12 quarter 28%; to achieve sustained profitability, Q1 net profit of $15 million 700 thousand, an increase of 49.5%, exceeding the Bloomberg analysts on average expected number 36%. New user increments and user activity reached the highest level in history.

comparison of historical figures can be found, the United States and the United States 2014Q1 net revenue growth of 10.6%, 2015Q1 growth of, higher than last year by 40 percentage points.

started in September last year and the main push vigorously into the sea outsourcing "speed duty-free shops" is the United States performance into the main reason for the rapid growth. The speed of duty-free shops currently has a foreign beauty products quickly extended to mother, light luxury goods etc..

United States in the second quarter of 2015, the company’s net revenue is expected to be between $270 million to $278 million, the expansion of cross-border mother and child category to accelerate the growth of the two quarter, given an increase of approximately 75% to 80% of the high expectations.

performance and user purchase frequency double growth founder and CEO Chen Ou said, had sales of cosmetics from the third party platform transition to the United States – at the end of 2014, the new United States duty-free business speed at the beginning of this year to start a large-scale volume, has achieved rapid growth in sales. Mid April 2015 expansion of the United States and the United States to expand the scope of cross-border electricity supplier category, quickly achieved a leading position.

our goal is to ensure revenue growth in 2015, and expand to other commodity categories in order to expand the user base and significantly increase the number of orders. We are confident that we will achieve quarterly and annual targets." Chen ou said.

performance is expected to exceed the growth rate is mainly due to the rise of the duty-free shop business, cross-border electricity supplier transformation completed. As one of the earliest domestic electricity supplier layout of cross-border business, the United States since last September in Zhengzhou free trade zone and the line speed Jiancang duty-free shops. Poly America gives the data show that within six months, the rate of duty-free shops from 1 thousand pieces per day to achieve the order of the day of the month, month on month growth of more than 5 consecutive months of more than 300%. Among them, the United States 301 five anniversary day orders exceeded 1 million.

thanks to the young women’s groups in the country for the trend of the Korean culture of love, the main push Korea and Japan, the brand’s fast duty-free business also brings together the best history of the United States to buy the customer frequency.

expansion of maternal and child category continues to accelerate the growth of

beauty business in the main business, the United States will be the fastest duty-free shops