Sun Chunyan

is a company especially developed in the upcoming "double eleven" on the eve of August 10th, and the marriage of Su Ningyun’s Alibaba, recently, Su ningyun COO Hou Enlong announced a high-profile opening "Beijing campaign", aimed at electricity supplier ranked second of the Jingdong, the Jingdong immediately fight, Hou Enlong will continue to play again stand: October 28th go to the Jingdong for revenge, until the Jingdong "recognize counseling, the smell of gunpowder.

two years ago, "double eleven", with the electricity supplier boss Alibaba in the market share in the first, the other by Taiwan singing Jingdong, Suning,,, only a cup of soup. This year the situation is obviously different, with the cross shareholding of Suning and Alibaba, Jingdong and Tencent jointly create "commodity" platform, Two Major League showdown situation has been formed. As the "ASO camp" daring vanguard of Suning, from many of its recent performance, can see the real reason for the marriage of Suning Alibaba.

in the current China in the development of the Internet, will tell the story of the enterprise to take the lead, this case is not to say, you know. But adhering to the "do more" Suning, spending huge sums of money from the traditional retail enterprises smooth transition has more than 6 years, the development of the moment to tell a good story, to consumers, to shareholders and investors, while the double eleven is such a good opportunity, especially in business transformation and achieved initial results, with ALI marriage condition point.

Suning the big gamble "double eleven", the first goal is to increase the flow of Internet era, especially in the era of mobile Internet traffic have to get the world, in the era of intense competition in the electricity supplier, to add a APP in the consumer’s mobile phone is no longer easy. As a latecomer to the electricity supplier, flow increased rapidly is always the priority among priorities of its work, the year 2012 sales of 18 billion 300 million yuan, 21 billion 800 million yuan in 2013, the year 2014 is not more than 30 billion yuan. According to the economic observer, this year "double eleven" during a sales target of 10 billion yuan. Through self initiated "Ping Beijing campaign" gimmick, guide with Tmall outlets, wants to quickly realize the double flow and increase membership. Suning executives said to us: Ali broad online platform and more than ten years of rich experience in the Internet electricity supplier, Suning gave great help."

from the Jingdong and the Jingdong slobber war currently "Beijing campaign", Suning more important purpose is about a Internet retailer, and the "O2O" story, some say the difference between the previous electricity supplier "in pigs, dogs to pay", "Internet business profitability is not sustainable normal" etc.. In previous years, the industry are mentioned, Internet companies will defeat and replace the traditional business, and now turn to turn the light, pure Internet business development of their own electricity supplier encountered a bottleneck, the integration of online and offline become the theme of the times. At this point in time coincides with the double eleven, the initial results of the transformation of the main O2O>