Recently, the domestic well-known commercial search website AnySo new and easy to remember domain enabled:, with the original application domain

The following

of AnySo domain name and domain name new simple analysis from the concept of memory and easy:

main domain name:

· domain name main part of composite structure: any  so (two to English words)

· from the analysis of concepts of domain name, this is a very good visual effect, and sounds quite the impact, easy to pronounce;

· analysis of memorability angle is directly related to its structure, two very common short words together with the world, the most common domain name suffix combined into "", will be easy to remember for a little English based friends, combined with the concept of its unique is easy to remember.

new domain name:

· domain name part of the composition structure: 258 (three bit digital)

· from the analysis of concepts, from the view of the concept of the domain name itself is very strong, for the concept of "words you sent me" maybe used to understand and comply with the China homophonic, traditional merchants "hair" concept, used in commercial search, "you send me" can also associate business, but suggest the need to protect;

· from the analysis of memorized three digits, COM domain name has always been the mainstream of domestic Internet application, application sites including,,, and many other leading Internet brand. Therefore is also easy to be domestic Internet users the most acceptable and easy to remember, far below the threshold to remember.

why AnySo to enable dual application domain?


analytical solution is very simple, also from the "comparative concept" and "remember":

· has the concept can not give up, coupled with the corresponding promotion has been carried out, the concept of its brand effect can not be replaced;

· has memorized, can let more traditional enterprises and low-end users easier to remember the access address, make up the original domain name cannot cover the user group.

analysis of these two points, the concept of, combined with easy, is the fundamental reason of double domain name application, from the perspective of promoting this price is a good choice. Borrow >