1.IDN background:

1.1 what is IDN

(Internationalized Domain Names IDNs international domain name) also known as multilingual domain names, domain name system refers to a general non English speaking countries for the promotion of the national language, such as Japanese Japanese containing domain name, domain name for Chinese domain containing Chinese.

IDN domain name has the following characteristics:

1 to the user’s favorite language to contact the Internet

2 eliminates confusion caused by domain name transliteration or transliteration

3 to develop and protect the entity’s online brand image

4 ensures the consistency of national brands and national languages

5 shows respect for local language and culture

6 easy to remember, easy to use

1.2 domain name

The evolution of

network name access technology has gone through the following process. Initially for the convenience of memory, the network staff will be binary " 0"; " 1" composed of the network address is divided into four segments, and the use of decimal means to be expressed, which is the IP address. Subsequently, researchers will be pure digital representation of the IP address based on the introduction of a more easy to remember the character type access identity, that is, based on the IP address of the domain name system. These domain names can only use 63 ASCII characters (", " A-Z" a-z" " 0-9",,; " -"). With the rapid development of the Internet in non English speaking countries, the end of the 90s international Internet community is put forward which can be used 63 ASCII character domain names, using the local language to express also, is the emergence of multilingual domain name demand.

1.3 IDN based

on the Internet the most important technical standards organization IETF, in November 1999, the forty-sixth session of the IETF conference set up a multilingual domain of interest group (BOF), in March 2000, forty-seventh IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force) meeting formally established the multilingual domain name working group (IDN Working Group) technology to study and formulate multilingual domain name. Beijing time on March 8, 2003, IETF through the Internet officially announced the three standards associated with IDN domain (RFC3490, RFC3491, RFC3492), so far, after the global technical experts to discuss and >