in the face of the rapid development of e-commerce as the characteristics of the network economy, the city’s trade and Industry Bureau vigorously use of high-tech means to build a comprehensive information platform for supervision. Since 2009, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau has invested about 4000000 yuan, including the development and construction of the "Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau regulation of e-commerce service network", "Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau e-commerce business entities monitoring and supervision system", "Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau online advertising monitoring system, electronic commerce, electronic monitoring center search evidence collection analysis laboratory the" network four platform of e-commerce regulatory information application system, effectively improve the efficiency of supervision of e-commerce, to promote our electronic commerce standard development.

(a) to achieve a unified supervision and service.

Construction and application of the

platform system always adhere to the "two oriented", which meet the supervision need at the same time for managers, but also for consumers and business operators and the general public e-government service, publish relevant information using the website, provide advice and accept inquiries, complaints and reports of electronic icon application, realize the organic unity of supervision and service.

(two) to enhance the ability to control the network.

Construction and application of the

platform, using the latest Internet search technology, including the domain name, keywords, etc. the characteristics of web search engine has provided to the main business, operations and business object intelligent search, identification, analysis, screening, monitoring, tracking and other functions, effectively enhance the supervision of cadres to network world the virtual unbounded control ability, has played a positive role in the supervision work.

(three) basically established the city’s e-commerce business information database.

The use of

system platform, the whole system has been basically set up in our city e-commerce business subject information database, comprehensive supervision work to lay a solid foundation, but also provide the basic data to master the development status and development direction of our electronic commerce for understanding. Currently the main business of building e-commerce website (web page) 14 thousand.

(four) to establish a long-term online monitoring system.

Through the construction and application of

platform, the whole system was established, the County Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau and three linkage supervision system, to carry out different levels of online supervision inspection work. The Council on site, on the city’s large business trading platform and key enterprise website for online monitoring of the County Bureau of industry and commerce; and within the jurisdiction of e-commerce business entities into grids, a clear regulatory personnel, set the frequency of inspections in accordance with the classification of the regulatory to carry out online inspection. At the same time, based on the "source control" concept, the network trading platform, providing the third party service platform for the network transaction provides Internet access service for electronic commerce telecom operators, as well as the influence scope, transaction size of large e-commerce website as the source website ", included in the regulatory focus, the implementation of the classification regulation.

(five) to establish e-commerce business >